“Hi there, we are Mat, Romain, Stéphane and Jerald: 4 french guys making music. Meeting each other around 2010 has been the starting point of what some may call a schizophrenic creative madness. We like to try things and multiply artistic identities. So, for the purpose of keeping things as clear as possible, we have created Left Hand Music! Under this label you will find all our musical projects. Some are supposed to last, some are one shot tries. Let’s begin with SUNDANCE, STORY, EMAYTEE, OWL INKLUSIVE and 03AM,

but who knows what’s going to happen in the future...



Thanks for listening to our work. Feel free to share the tunes, talk about them, leave comments on the social networks and if you want it, you can support us financially by buying our music on Bandcamp! Thank you!!”



Mathieu Tingaud/Romain Nicolas/Stéphane Contencin/Jerald Drai/Left Hand Music

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